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Fieldpiece Instruments - AAT3 - Hot-Wire Airflow Head

Item: AAT3

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About This Product

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Fieldpiece - The In-Duct Hot-Wire Anemometer & Psychrometer accessory head allows HVACR professionals to measure air velocity, temperature, and %RH all in one tool. The engineered 38" telescoping probe with laser etching and quick-response sensor provides quick and easy airflow measurements from the correct location--near the evaporator. When using with the Fieldpiece HVAC Guide System Analyzers, the AAT3 can automatically calculate target super heat and target evaporator exit temperature. Connected to a wireless transmitter, the AAT3 can send measures wireless to any Fieldpiece Wireless Meter (HG3, LT17AW, EH4W) up to 100' away.

Designed specifically for HVACR professionals, the AAT3 In-Duct Psychrometer is a great tool to properly install and service fixed restrictor systems. More than 70% of A/C units are running inefficiently, but with the AAT3 it's easier to ensure units are running at their maximum efficiency. HVACR pros can trust the results for tests like temperature splits, target evaporator exit temperature, target superheat, and CheckMe!® because measurements are taken near the evaporator without the interference of outside air temp or leaks in the duct work.

  • Measures temperatures, %RH, and air velocity
  • Calculates wet bulb and dew point
  • Automatically calculates Target Superheat, Target Evap Exit Temperature, and Total CFM (when using the Fieldpiece HVAC Guide System Analyzers)
Features and Benefits:
  • Measures temperature and %RH
  • Calculates wet bulb and dew point
  • Slim 38" telescoping probe
  • Fast response time
  • Depth and direction indicators
  • Hands-free testing with stabilizing cone and magnetic hanger
  • Can send wireless measurements from up to 100' away
  • In-Duct Hot-wire Anemometer/Psychrometer Accessory Head - AAT3
  • Telescoping Precision Thermistor & Hot-Wire Probe
  • Stabilizing Cone - RCONE
Warning: this product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.


Weight1 Pounds (lbs)
Width6.25 Inches (In)
Height2.5 Inches (In)
Country of OriginTWN
Length13.5 Inches (In)
ApplicationWet Bulb, Dew Point
Comments/NotesTo use full range of AAT3, it must be connected to a digital miltimeter with a 4,000 mVDC range or greater.
Digital ReadoutNo
FeaturesConnects to Fieldpiece meters, data loggers and EHDL1 electronic handle. - Measures air velocity, temperature and relative humidity in the duct with 38" telescoping probe - Use with optional ADLS2 deluxe test leads to test remotely or with other multime
IncludesProduct Only
Laser PointerNo
Memory ReviewNo
Memory StorageNo
Prop 65Yes
Temperature Range-4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
Velocity40-3940 ft/min (0.20-20.00m/s)
Warranty OfferedYes


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