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F.A.Q – CE South Central

We have upgraded our phone system to better serve you.

Please reference the chart below to help guide you to the correct department you wish to connect with. The number is (800)486-0550. In addition upon selecting Option 4 for technical support you may select the first available representative, dial into the area where you are working, or the individual you wish to speak with. If the line or individual is busy you can leave a message and the individual or first available person will return your call as soon as they are available. You may dial through these options without listening to the recordings, which will save you time. It is our goal that this will improve our service to you and expedite the time for you to get the service you desire from us.

FAST PASS IS NOW AVAILABLE WHEN CALLING: 1-800-486-0550. Fast Pass gives you the choice of either waiting for a Customer Care Representative to take your call, or leaving a message for a representative to give you a call back when finished with their customer call in the same order the call was received.

Option 1 Homeowners calling about Carrier, Bryant or Payne Products
Option 2 Residential Equipment, Parts & Supplies & orders
Option 3 Commercial Equipment, Parts & Supplies & orders
Option 4 Technical Support
Option 5 All warranty related items
Option 6 Credit for All Account Related Questions

Call Center/Customer Service

I need to speak to someone about my order or would like to talk to someone to place an order. Who do I call?
  • Order Central 1.800.486.0550 Options 2 & 3.
  • Use the chat function at the bottom right of our website.
  • Email us at : [email protected]
How do I place an after-hours emergency order for pick up the same day?

Our on-call numbers are listed below:

  • Abilene: 325.725.3025
  • Allen: 469.207.4753
  • Carrollton: 972.877.2029
  • Ft. Worth: 817.914.0260
  • Garland: 463.446.6257
  • Killeen: 254-870-5330
  • Oklahoma City: 405.206.0359
  • South Dallas: 972.837.3796
  • Tulsa: 918.830.3227
  • Tyler: 903.372.6648
  • Tontitown: 479.640.3064
  • Waco: 254.227.2317
  • Most after-hour emergency orders will have a $100/order fee added.

    I’d like to get a quote on Commercial Equipment but I don’t remember who my TM is. Is there someone I can call who can help?

    Contact our Commercial Quick Connect at: [email protected] 877.542.5802.

    How do I sign up to become a Carrier/Bryant or Payne Dealer?

    Contact your Territory Manager or local Branch Manager for information and credit application.

    What advertising resources are available to me if I become a dealer with CE South Central?

    Registered Carrier and Bryant dealers have 4 options for advertising resources:

    I am unable to access HVAC partners. How do I reset my password or find my log in?

    Log into and register as a user.

    You may contact HVAC Partners

  • Email:[email protected]
  • How do I get enrolled on HVACPartners website to start using features and benefits available to me?

      Please complete form for any changes or submittals in HVACPartners. here

      All HVACPartners forms and password resets requests will need to be sent to email box.

    • Email:[email protected]
    How do a find the nearest branch to my location?

    You may use the store locator on our site here or you can use our CE App to find branch location.


    I have questions about an invoice and my amount owed. How do I speak with someone who can help me?
    • Credit Department 1.800.486.0550 Option 6.
    Welcome To CE Statements
    CE Statements Frequently Asked Questions:
    I would like to open a credit line with Carrier Enterprise South Central. What information should I provide?

      Apply for credit here

      Provide a current government issued ID, trade license, and non-tax documentation (if applicable)

    I have just started a HVAC Company and I would like to have a COD account with Carrier Enterprise. How do I open an account?

    Register for an account with CE here and our Customer Care team will be in contact regarding next steps.

    I have a question for my credit manager, how can I get in touch with them?
    • Oklahoma and Arkansas - 972.281.6551.
    • Dallas/Ft. Worth Market - 972.281.6563 or 972.281.6565.


    Can warranty claims be processed online?

    YES! Save Time: Process Warranty Online, Learn More. Warranty processing two ways, now you can perform all of your Carrier, Bryant, and Payne warranty-related tasks online from either our Website or Mobile App. Skip the phone call and process warranty claims when it's convenient for you. Try it now!

    Effective September 11, 2017, CE South Central will assess a $50 handling fee for each manual SCA submitted for processing. For more information click here

    I have an item that I submitted for warranty. How do I find out the status?

    You can check the status of a warranty claim via

    If you are unable to log on to Service Bench you can contact our warranty department at:
    Is there a way I can easily check the warranty status and history of a unit?

    YES! You can use the CE App and warranty look up to check the status of the warranty on a unit and see the warranty history. This can be very valuable if you are not familiar with the unit you are servicing to see what others may have repaired in the past

    Customer Assurance/Technical Troubleshooting (Carrier/Bryant/Payne)

    I have been unable to find the problem with a unit. Is there someone I can speak with to help trouble shoot?

    Technical Support:

    • Phone: 1.800.486.0550 Option 4
    • Email: [email protected]
    • Is there a way to get interactive help while I am on a job?

      Yes you can! Contact our technical support group 1.800.486.0550 Option 4 and request a Zoom meeting. This app is available for most smart phones, iPads, and tablets. You are responsible for your personal data plan. If connected to a Wi-Fi network there is no charge for your data usage. You will need access to your email as the Customer Assurance Manager will need to send you a meeting request. Once you are connected you can show the representative the job you are working on and they can assist in troubleshooting with you. It’s like having the technical support representative in your pocket. Currently there is no charge for this service, if your company qualifies for complimentary technical support, otherwise it is just the cost of the call.

      Please view our new Telephone Technical Support Policy:

      To better serve our dedicated customers, Carrier Enterprise has implemented a process to allow complimentary telephone technical support to these customers while still providing support to all customers through a fee-based process. Effective immediately, when calling 1-800-486-0550 and choosing Option 4 for technical support, you will be asked for a six-digit code (your account number). The counter personnel or your TM can provide this to you if you do not have it. Upon entering your account number, if your company qualifies for complimentary technical support, you will be transferred to the first available representative. You will be given three attempts to enter a valid code or you may enter “2” at any time. If your code is not recognized, you enter “2” at the previous menu, or your company does not qualify for complimentary technical support, you will have the opportunity to purchase telephone technical support for a fee of $75.00, to be paid by credit or debit card. Once this is paid, your call will be transferred to the next available technical support representative. If the representative needs to call you back to complete the assistance, there will be no additional fee. Sincerely, Carrier Enterprise Management Team

      Is there a way to find equipment technical information while I am on the job?

      YES! You can use the CE APP to find Product Data, Installation Manuals, Application Guides and much more.

      CE Connect

      I am having trouble logging in to the CE Connect website or need to reset my password.

      Contact CE Connect at [email protected]


      To view the 2018 Spring Technical Training Schedule Click Here.

      To register for training you will need to access My Learning Center via HVACpartners.

      For help in registering you may contact Marketing at:
      Is there a way for me look up products on my phone or table while I am at a job site?

      Yes, our CE Contractor Assist app is a valuable resource in the field. It is available for iOS and Android and can be downloaded via Google Play or the iTunes App Store. Click here for more information.

      Why can’t I see pricing on the website?

      You need to have a user id and password set up to see pricing on our website. You can sign up here and one of our associates will contact you to complete your registration. Once you are registered you will be able to see your unique pricing as well as product on hands at your local branches.

      Is there a way to get more training on the website or App for my office?

      Contact you’re TM or Store Manager or you may request training by emailing: [email protected]

    Click here for information on new branch procedures as a result of COVID-19